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Inspired by the designs of famous builders like Torres, Stradivari, and Martin–or sometimes by the more humble designs of bygone factory brands like Regal–these are the guitar designs I currently offer for custom builds. I will be adding new models soon, so check back often to see what’s in store. After the design and materials are selected, construction usually takes from two to four months, depending on the model and selected furnishings.

I have very few ready-made guitars (usually either “seconds” that have cosmetic flaws, or prototypes that have a few quirks) in stock. My primary focus as a guitar maker is to build a custom-fit instrument that takes the player’s needs–both ergonomic and financial–in mind.

Have a suggestion for a historic guitar design? Use the contact form!

La Sarita Mini-Classical

La Sarita
La Sarita in American Sycamore and Sitka Spruce with a Katalox fretboard.

Call it a parlor guitar. Call it a 3/4. Taken directly from Antonio de Torres Jurada’s small “SE117” guitar of 1888, the size and design of this guitar makes it ideal for smaller hands, for travel, or if you just want a compact,  easy playing guitar. This design will produce a guitar that has a bright, percussive sound that projects well for its size.

Scale length: 604 mm

Neck width at nut: 48 to 52 mm (you choose!)

Classic wooden tuning pegs are standard, but can be upgraded.

Suggested tonewoods: Curly Maple, American Sycamore, Black Walnut, Spanish Cypress

Suggested top woods: Suggested top woods: Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce

Price range: $800 – $1,000 depending on wood and ornamentation choices.

La Tarrega — Torres Early Classical

La Tarrega guitar
La Tarrega in Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce with an Ebony fretboard.

Bigger and bolder than La Sarita, the Tarrega design is closer in size to a modern classical, but still slightly smaller. Taken directly from the SE112 and SE114 guitars built by Torres in 1888, it’s named after the famous Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega, whose favorite guitar happened to be Torres’ SE114. Light and comfortable, this design produces a guitar that tends to favor mid-range tone, is responsive and somewhat percussive, and enjoys full-throated projection.

Scale length: 650 mm

Neck width at nut: 48 to 52 mm (you choose!)


Suggested tuning machines: Grover 360N

Suggested tonewoods: Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, Black Walnut, Spanish Cypress

Suggested top woods: Sitka Spruce, Englemann Spruce, European Spruce

Price range: $900 – $1,200 depending on wood and ornamentation choices

Calvozouki Guitar/Bouzouki

The Calvozouki guitar/bouzouki in Curly Birch and Sitka Spruce with a Mesquite fretboard

Taken from the plantilla of the Roaring-20’s-era Regal Octofone, the Calvozouki is a design platform for various stringing configurations, and produces a tone similar to an Irish bouzouki or an octave mandolin. This instrument, scaled like a triple-0 12-fret guitar,  can be built in 12-string or 6-string guitar fashion, or 8-string if you prefer a true bouzouki. (Note that the tailpiece and floating bridge will differ greatly depending on final design choice!)

Scale: 24 inches

Suggested tonewoods: Curly Maple, Curly Birch

Suggested top wood: Sitka Spruce

Price range: $750 – $950 depending on wood and ornamentation choices

La Tigretta Baroque Guitar

La Tigretta Baroque guitar
La Tigretta Baroque guitar in Curly Maple and torrefied Sitka Spruce with a Katalox fretboard

A mostly period-correct, five-course Baroque guitar whose design and construction are largely based on Antonio Stradivari’s famed Ashmolean and Sabionari guitars, La Tarrega incorporates two key improvements over typical Baroque construction: an extended neck shoulder for the top to rest on (which improves tone at upper registers), and a three-strut fan-brace system (which replaces ladder bracing). The result is a sturdy instrument with authentic Baroque tone, but with improved brightness and sustain. The guitar’s decor can be left plain (omitting the decorative rose and mustachios), made to resemble the guitars of Stradivari, or re-imagined to suit the player’s personal whims.

Scale length: 680 mm

Neck width at nut: 48 to 50 mm (your choice!)

Suggested tone wood: Unfigured (plain) Maple, Curly (Flamed) Maple, Quilted Maple

Suggested top wood: European Spruce, Sitka Spruce (torrefied)

Price range: $1,000 – $1,500 depending on wood and ornamentation choices

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